Winona Forever

Girl, Interrupted (1999) Photo provided by Flickr

An actress with one of the biggest cult followings, with many fans around the globe (myself included) has got to be Winona Ryder.

It is perhaps her choice in the roles she plays which makes her so influential and so adored by many. She is not afraid to play roles which are outside the box, and will experiment to make every role her own.

From playing an outsider in ‘Beetlejuice‘, the pretty girl who falls for the outsider in ‘Edward Scissorhands‘, a future nun in ‘Mermaids‘ and a woman who spends 18 months in a mental hospital in ‘Girl, Interrupted‘. These are just a few of the roles which display the diversity of Winona’s acting.

The film of Winona’s which I believe has the biggest cult following is dark comedy, ‘Heathers‘. In this film, she plays Veronica who is tired of her friends, she teams up with mysterious JD in her quest to mess with her friends. This film has many funny moments especially for those who have a dark sense of humour and is has a very interesting and unique plot.

My personal favourite film of hers is ‘Reality Bites‘. This is a film about a group of graduates struggling in the real world. The soundtrack is excellent, the film is very funny yet relatable and provides an interesting story without adding any unrealistic plot twists.

It is undeniable that Winona Ryder is a talented actress, her cult following worship her down-to-earth nature, her sense of fashion, and her talent. However, what I believe makes her most iconic is that she plays roles which many of us can relate to, with Winona we can find a sense of belonging and feel proud to display our individuality.