The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys trilogy 1987 – 2010. Photo by Caitlin Black

For many people, they will think of teenage romance when they hear the words ‘vampire movie’. For me, I think of films such as ‘Interview with the Vampire’ and of course ‘The Lost Boys‘.

‘The Lost Boys’ follows Sam (played by the late Corey Haim) and his older brother as they move to a new town and have encounters with the local vampires and the local vampire hunters, the Frog brothers.

The reason I believe this film works so well is that it uses the perfect mixture of both classic ’80s cheese and some very dark elements. It is not a scary movie but at the same time it is not family friendly, it plays on different clich├ęs but at the same time keeps the plot interesting and unique.

Corey Haim will be remembered for several of the films of his career but I think this one holds a special place, especially for me, as this film shows his acting talent at such a young age, he shows a massive amount of ability which he continued to improve on for many years, but in this film we also see his funny and lighthearted side which is a wonderful way to remember him.

I believe this is a cult classic for many reasons, it of course did not reach commercial success, but for many people it is an iconic movie which does not romanticise vampires but is still very intriguing. The film is for people who want something lighthearted but dark at the same time. Plus the film makes excellent use of the song ‘People are Strange‘ by ‘The Doors‘ in a version by ‘Echo and The Bunnymen‘.