I see you shiver with antici…pation

DVD of the 1975 Classic. Photo by Caitlin Black
It would not be a cult classic blog without the mention of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The musical which over the past four decades has influenced thousands and has even resulted in audience involvement at midnight screenings with viewers dressing up and bringing props.

For me, the songs are one of the factors which really make the film. The opening number ‘Science Fiction/Double Feature‘ sets up the film well, with only a pair of lips being shown on screen for the majority of the number. The song makes use of several references to culture in order to foreshadow some events of the film. This song is used again at the end credits with the lyrics adapted in order to summarise the plot. Every song featured in this classic is very catchy and deals with the issues of the film in a lighthearted manner which I think is very clever as it helps the audience deal with the themes of the film whilst remaining enjoyable to watch.

Tim Curry, who in his feature film debut, gives the performance of a lifetime playing the eccentric Frank-N-Furter, a role which I can only imagine was both mentally and physically challenging (considering he spends the entire film wearing heels). Curry’s character is truly inspirational to many as he demonstrates how important it is to be yourself. As Frank-N-Furter says; “Don’t dream it, be it”.

To summarise, for me this film is a massive classic and very enjoyable to watch, the acting from the entire cast is incredible and the songs are never boring. I recommend that everyone gives this film a watch at some point in their life and if it’s not your cup of tea then hopefully you are still able to appreciate the originality of the film.